They are getting into my home

canada goose store How to Beat Electronic Harassment Pain Mind

canada goose black friday sale In merely 2 minutes, I was threatened with insinuations that I was toast and an actual death threat (“If I Die, I’ll Kill You).

First, I was already listening to my own music (through earphones) to screw up their mental/physical harassment (they refer to this as “calling me on the phone”). This broughtthe ear ringing garbage that can make one very uncomfortable to ZERO. I’ve recently had the “overly tender aching abdomen” feeling used against me, so I canada goose factory sale was buy canada goose jacket cheap wearingthree layers of EMF absorbent clothing. You put this on and the pain IMMEDIATELY STOPS.

canada goose coats I proceeded to take my cheap Canada Goose trusty Trazodone to encourage deep, relaxing sleep and I buy canada goose jacket kept my earphones in and the music turned up. This is how this group “eats people in their sleep”. You can add Clonopin/Trazodone if they are really sticking it to you. I absolutely love Trazodone: it costs 4 bucks for 30 and it assures tranquility just before sleeping and gets you sleeping. On too little sleep, anyone can be rendered temporarilyPsychotic, so sleep is one huge MUST. Either way, perfectly sound sleep can be achieved, even if you are on this group’s S77T LIST because you SPOKE UP about WHAT’S REALLY GOING ON.

canada goose Gangstalking/E harassment is completely invisible, but without protection it’s like living in a constant maelstrom of pain and mentally disturbing thoughts (especially your deepest, darkest fears). If I were afraid of Peanut Butter, canada goose outlet toronto they’d use that inmy dreams. So it takes whateverthoughts/feelingsthat aremost suitable to pulverizingeachperson’ssanity so that you can be “switched out”(utterly brainwashed).

canadian goose jacket These people feel/think and “act” on command via this “Electronic mind/body bridge. I’ve felt it PULL my body to FEEL AS THOUGH I WAS: Crying, angry, sexually canada goose store aroused or simply having disturbing thoughts. Act rationally and these fools will call you “cold”. Good! That’s how you want to be to these canada goose clearance guys. Without “having your ear”, they cannot direct your eyes to disturbing word combinations or insults. Never worry about anything, because Canada Goose Online it’s all fake anyway. Become so bold that death or the most disgusting thought you could have do uk canada goose not phase you in the least. If you get the feeling that you want to do “something wrong”, you must ignore Canada Goose sale this by CHANGING WHAT YOU Canada Goose Coats On Sale ARE THINKING ABOUT. The range of “implantable psychic offenses” run from vandalism to the worst thing you canada goose uk black friday could possibly imagine. I call this “Experimental Anti Paranoia”. They got close to getting me about 4 months ago, so when this happens, your mind must get stronger. In time, you will need less Clonopin, keep taking the ABILIFY it shuts them out canadian goose jacket without diminishing your clarity. Take Zoloft so that they don’t get uk canada goose outlet you “down” with minor life issues, but do not take too much of this. They’ll hit you when you run out.

Canada Goose online In short, this harassment is used on people who use their imaginations a lot. I like the protective measures approach because life seems more like the world before this “terror technology” went into effect. Youuse corrective measures to alter the electronically enforcedUNREALITY so thatlife appears NORMAL. What a relief it is to live like this than cheap canada goose uk walking on pins and needles all day long with ringing ears/disturbing thoughts/really bad dreams!

Canada Goose Jackets vindictive 15 months ago

canada goose coats on sale Type the word illuminati spelled backward (itanimulli) with www. I cant afford to help my self

Tonight iv been contemplateing killing myself. Till i read this. I dont want to die. But im exhausted and so tired of this. The I Pod is the best invention of the 21st century because the 21st century sounds like crap!

buy canada goose jacket Mary 6 years ago

Canada Goose Outlet Hi! I have been a gangstalk target for at least 4 yrs now. The hi pitched sound in my ear is undeniable. Do these people ever give up??? Why is it, so many low lifes know what’s going on and not one of them Canada Goose online can be bribed into spilling the truth? I canada goose black friday sale have offered money, drugs, hired a private detective and used some of the measures you have spoken of. They are getting into my home. I saw the top of one’s head, but can’t actually catch them! Why me?

canada goose clearance Jesus Lives, Forgives and SAVES 6 years ago

canada goose clearance sale This is demonic activity. Oure and simple. Father I ask that you will free these minds Canada Goose Outlet and bind satan in the name of Jesus Christ I ask this.

canada goose deals Hchild 6 years ago

cheap Canada Goose Now I canada goose uk shop must be honest, I am still very new to this whole “the government is out to get you thing.” But seriously,and I do mean seriously, I completely agree with Moeflats th0at this is a fullfillment of scripture that Canada Goose Jackets is taking place. The Lord cannot be tricked,though,or tested on, or spied on. These people doing such things will reap their just “rewards”. The Book is written. It has been established that God wins for good in the end. These Satanic puppets do not. The fiery abyss awaits canada goose coats on sale those who do such things. I have some more things to ask later. Am very sick today. God bless all of you.

Canada Goose Parka Donna Joy Plattner 6 years ago

Canada Goose sale I have been canada goose clearance sale electronic harassed for several years now and still am as to this day. from the dreams to the genarator and the pains. They talk to me through the chip aqnd yes they canada goose uk outlet can see through your eyes. They are getting canada goose in and out of my home with out my consent and are raping me as well. The isolation is great and they even caused me to lose my children and home. They taunt me every day and night and tell me that they want complete control over me and my body. God I hope this petition turns into a law and us victims can get real help from our government here Canada Goose Parka in canada goose coats the USA because we too have rights that are being stepped on!MOEFLATS 6 years ago.

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